Stage 2

Was great to have City of Greater Geelong councillors Cr Kylie Grzybek and Cr. Anthony Aitken out at the Roo Den today as we ramp up efforts to secure funding for stage 2 of our redevelopment – community rooms/kitchen/bar/gym facilities.

We have had the plans drawn up and the costings done. Throughout this year we will continue to target all fundraising efforts toward this goal. So if you see us rattling tins, selling raffle tickets or promoting functions and events, this is what we are doing it for. Our goal is to have 21st century facilities for our whole community – from sporting clubs (Anakie Football & Netball Club, Anakie Cricket Club, Anakie Auskick, Little River Junior Football Club) to Anakie Primary School, Anakie Community House, Anakie Fire Brigade and everyone in between – but we can’t do it alone.

We will need to contribute a significant amount financially to secure the full figure required and we need you to help us get there. One thing that we excel at is banding together as a community to get things done. Whether it be for an individual or family doing it tough or for bigger events such as the 2006 fires, we are the focal point of our community. Bringing Stage 2 to fruition will allow us to continue doing this well into the future. So spread the word and help us fight the good fight!