n 1990 Anakie combined its U17 Male Football side with Lara in Division 2 U15 and won the Premiership.

Back Row: D. Dick, K. Green, D. Atkinson, D. Hommelhoff, C. McLeod, S. Hazelton, C. Robinson.
Ctr Row: B. Smith (Trainer), A. Dowdell, (Lara CoOr), N. Graham, S. Wilcox, A. Larkin, A. Pitt, A. Downs, A. Smith, P. Kelly (Lara President), T. Larkin (Runner).
Front Row: G. Green (Anakie President), C. Wojick, J. Greaves, M. Trewin (V-Capt), N. Trotter (Coach), B. Jolly (Capt), J. McDonald, R. Primmer, L. Anstee (Sec).
Absent: R. Stone, D. Rees, D. Rees, S. Bigmore, J. Nicol, J. Durham, P. Hooper

1991 was a successful year for the club with Premierships in Seniors, Reserves & U15’s.

Back Row: C. Bissett, S. Fridey, P. Runia, A. Waisak, S. Simon (DVC), D. Walmsley, W. Moore (Manager)
Ctr Row: S. Faulkner (Runner), R. Priddle (Trainer), B. Fitzgerald (Trainer), G. Pitman, D. Jolly, G. Cockerill, G. McMahon, P. Wilks, S. Hearn, G. Totton, E. Bunting (Trainer), D. Lowe (Trainer), G. Trotter (Time K).
Front Row: C. Marsh, M. Carter, I. Cockerell, G. Thulborn (Capt), D. Bissett (Coach), N. Gogoll (Vice), T. Amery, G. Hood, L. Anstee (Sec)
Back Row: M. Skene, D. Addlem, D. Shelley, D. Fairchild, P. Runia, P. West, R. Veltman, G. Hopper, I, Javonavic, T. Shaw.
Ctr Row: L. Anstee (Sec), R. Priddle (Trainer), E. Bunting (Trainer), B. Carter, B. Fitzgerald (trainer), A. Trotter, S. Green, A. Woolfe, I. Jenkin A. Wookey, D. Fridey, K. Green, A. Sheedy, S. Ferguson,(Runner), D. Lowe (Trainer), L. Fridey (Time Keeper), G. Trotter.
Front Row: P. Tanner, J. Flynn, P. Lowe, Mick Skene (Capt), P. Cummins (Coach), A. Tucker, I. Chance, M. Gibbons, D. Priddle. Absent: D. Julien.

Celebrations for the sides win took over the township and went well on into the following weeks.

U15’s Premiers Division 3

Back Row: G. Trotter (Manager), I. Burns (Trainer), G. Green (President), P. Nicol, M. Craig, S. Blake, P. Burns, M. Lloyd (Capt), M. Edwards, D. Priddle, R. Antoneuko, S. Bufton, J. Edwards (Coach), L. Anstee (Sec).
Front Row: L. Brislan, A. Bunting, R. Priddle, V. Stephens, R. Anstee, T. Alford, W. McIntosh, B. Beggs, A. Rosewarne, C. Cummins, S. McMahon (Vice), S. Trotter, B. Reed, Mascott: J. Bryan
Back Row: J. Ellmer, G. Light, M. Bradford, J. Tate, D. Jolly, P. Welsh, S. Simon, C. Bisset, P. Gavin.
Ctr Row: J. Langridge (Time K.), B. Fitzgerald (Trainer), B. Carter, G. Totton, G. Pitman, S. Hearn, P. Cammaroto, M. Gibbons, I. Chance, W. Moore (Runner), B. Tucker (Trainer), L. Fridey (Team Manager).
Front Row: I. Burns (Trainer), J. Greaves, J. Flynn, B. Beggs, N. Gogoll (Capt), D. Bisset, M. Carter(Vice), A. Jamieson, R. Booley, N. Tucker (President), B. Lancaster (Trainer).
Absent: B. Jolly, G. Green, M. Costello

1994 Grand Final Footage;

Netball was introduced into the GDFL in 2002 and the old tennis court was used until a new court was built.

In the summer of January 2006 a lightning strike at Durdiwarrah sparked fires that razed the National Park located north of Anakie. The fires reached the township before a wind change sent it hurtlingly towards Balliang & Bacchus Marsh. The Anakie reserve was used as an Evacuation & staging area for the many weeks the community were impacted by the fires. The oval turf was so badly damaged by the trucks the City Of Greater Geelong rejuvenated the grass & upgraded the irrigation system to the lush standards we see today. 

A proposed plan of funding in 2007 for the complete redevelopment of the whole site was adopted by council but never funded.

Anakie’s U14’s Premiers in Division 4, 2007.

Back Row: D. Groves (Assist Coach), T. Smith, R. Nicholls, L. Soulsby, K. Zonneveld, M. Bolton, A. Soulsby, X. Christensen (Capt), D. Osborne, M. Etteridge (Assist. Coach),
Ctr Row: H. Grey, D. Peters, P. Sceney, L. Briese, D. Dickson, P. Dickson (Coach), B. Gibbons, J. Etteridge, M. Groves, S. Eibl.
Front Row: B. Cotter, S. Van Stebbing, T. Smith, C. Emond, J. Scott, A. Markham, B. Peters, L. Priddle

In 2008, club supporter Greg Stebbing collated this snapshot of the club for a Short Film Festival competition. The brief was a community minded 5 minute story. Greg chose to film Anakie FNC and its members, focusing on what the club meant to them.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win the $5K 1st prize but it was a fantastic representation of our beloved Roo Den and its people.

In 2013 our Netball & Junior Football were rewarded with a Premiership in B Grade.Netball & Und 16’s Boys (Div 6)

From Left to right; E. Lugg, S. Cuthbertson (Team Manager), C. Roberts, D. Anthony, E. King, B. Munro, A. Munro, J. Mapapalangi, K. Anthony (Coach/player), A. Cuthbertson (Roo); J. Hewat (Assistant coach)
Front holding cup: K. Osbourn & S. Pitman

In 2014 local film maker Joey Knox captured a day in the life of our club during our season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxI1cWEzGWY

In 2013/14 applications for half of the development (Stage 1) funding was successful, the project was completed in 2018.

Stage 2 funding application is planned to be tabled in late 2020 for the completion of the building in 2023.

The Anakie Football & Netball Club’s endeavours have only been achieved from the hard work & comradery of all the members associated over the past 100 years and its reputation as being a country, family orientated, good cooking & looking group.

This information above is an extract from Anakie’s upcoming 100 year Anniversary (2025), many thanks to the contributors who have provided the information & photos which has been an immense help. Anyone that has photos or memorabilia from the club please contact president@anakiefnc.com